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YouTuber, Nerd, Sound Guy, Artist, Writer, Philosopher

Desire to transform self and society persists, dedicated to contribute to Earth’s life ways with deep purpose and flexing my hope. After hours, I contemplate life, mix music, or make YouTube content about mental health.

Believe in the power of sharing lived experience of psychosis. Make video, audio, text, image.. thinks about it.. Raise awareness, counter stigma, and ease those suffering in silence. Create strength in adversity. Thank you for your comments, my attention-captured audience.

nednednerB the Schizophrenic thanks you. nerBeater wants to recognize the drive and determination of those surrounded by nonsense. It is the nonsense that is lost. We have so much to do. Aye, continue.

By day I test software and edit audio-video, and doing more audio and music software tutoring lately.

I wrote Insights Toward Sanity – The Art of Having Schizophrenia (whole pdf)

Insights Toward Sanity book cover
Insights Toward Sanity The Art of Having Schizophrenia

(24-12-2012) Insights Toward Sanity: The Art of Having Schizophrenia

My book explores the onset of my mental health journey through many challenges, by way of poetry, autobiography, and philosophy.

Following a selection of “word salad” poetry spanning across the period of breakdown, I craft a reflective, messy autobiography that reveals at least my interpretation of my experiences.

The image of the book cover can be clicked. It is a link to a shared PDF of the entire book, absolutely free without need for sign in or registering. It can be downloaded.

Please consider reading for free, not buying it anywhere, because I do not earn any royalties from any sales. Please share it if you want.

I wrote the book trying to tie up with thread what hardens, shatters, melts, and reforms any day of the week in the aftermath of destruction for the otherwise gentle course of the 17 year old I was so many years ago.

In many ways, I was confused when I wrote it. I also plan to publish in 2024 my reprise and resonance, new reflections on old details I could not share openly then, as I had old, sickly understanding and therapy to work through.

The book concludes with essays exploring contemporary ethical and ecological issues on the way to healing self, society, and nature together.

With lucid and well crafted prose and poetry, but dense and bewildering also, I share my life and ideas with passionate conviction, and a commitment to justice.

The Freshwater Stream

In 2021, I helped BC’s CodeBlue BC and Watershed Watch to produce a podcast about BC’s watersheds:
The Freshwater Stream!

In our 1st season, our host Danielle interviews community members around the province.

Water issues affect all of us.

Several guests have been indigenous, which is very meaningful because the First Nations are more connected to the waters here than any settlers, and there is lots to learn about.


Freshwater Stream Logo
The Freshwater Stream

There are teachings on knowledge and adaptation, on issues of ecological interdependence, social justice, and calls for ceremony and respect toward many beings. Let the waters flow!

Controversial Philosophy Blog

Education and Work

After high school at VIU, I studied Philosophy and English, electives in Linguistics and Music Departments.

At that time, I wrote an essay that was published as a peer reviewed scholarly article, which my Ethics instructor encouraged:

Spinoza, Deep Ecology, and Human Diversity — Schizophrenics and Others Who Could Heal the Earth If Society Realized Eco-Literacy (journal link)
Alternate link: (Direct local PDF)

At PAVI (Pacific Audio Visual Institute), in 2010 I earned a diploma: audio engineering and music production. I’ve enjoyed editing and mixing since then.

Listen to nerBeater in the genres of Hard Ambient / EDM / Trip Hop:

On YouTube MusicSpotifyApple MusicBandcamp, and elsewhere.

Life is a set of transferable skills.

nednednerB the Schizophrenic took time, effort, and I keep learning.

My busy desk with a lot of audio and computer equipment, as well as various artworks
My busy desk with a lot of audio and computer equipment, as well as various artworks

Music Production, Audio-Video, Tutoring

I am experienced with music software and audio production.

Do you have audio or music work or interests? Perhaps you might consider my services.

Actual editing and mixing for you, or acting as a tutor, I could help out.

Selfie in urban residential neighbourhood
Selfie of nednednerB

I would happily offer my skills for free or inexpensively, for the right causes and amounts of work involved.

The areas I can assist with:

-compose, edit, arrange, and mix, both for audio and video

-home recording and studio setup advice

-synthesizers, MIDI, controllers, sound physics research, and automation

-signal flow, special FX, audio repair, and DAWs

I thank where we are