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YouTuber, Nerd, Sound Guy, Artist, Writer, Philosopher

After hours, I’m often sipping kombucha, making YouTube content about mental health.

On YT, I use my lived experience of psychosis to make videos which raise awareness, counter stigma, and ease those suffering in silence.

Creating strength in adversity.

By day I test software and edit audio-video.

I wrote Insights Toward Sanity – The Art of Having Schizophrenia (whole pdf)

Cover of my book Insights Toward Sanity The Art of Having Schizophrenia
Insights Toward Sanity - The Art of Having Schizophrenia

Controversial Philosophy Blog

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Correction and Omission

To put in as little effort possible, while it sounds weak or amoral, might be the inevitable outcome of so-called “natural selection.” However, as loosely put, “white culture” has been held both by academia and military might overall as both uniquely civilized and divinely righted for thousands of years…

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If you have as little as $1 or $5 per month which you can afford to share with me, wow! That would be direct material support.

I would be enabled to create more YouTube content and do other work to reduce stigma and to increase the inclusion of many identities.

Let’s promote radical peace in the place of violence and ignorance. Let’s support one another in supporting one another!

The Freshwater Stream

In 2021, I have helped BC’s Freshwater Alliance and Watershed Watch to produce a podcast about BC’s watersheds:
The Freshwater Stream!

In our 1st season, our host Danielle interviews community members around the province.

Water issues affect all of us.

Several guests have been indigenous, which is very meaningful because the First Nations are more connected to the waters here than any settlers, and there is lots to learn about.

Freshwater Stream Logo
The Freshwater Stream

There are teachings on knowledge and adaptation, on issues of ecological interdependence, social justice, and calls for ceremony and respect toward many beings.

Education and Work

Graduating from VIU in 2009, I studied Philosophy and English. I enjoyed many electives in the Linguistics and Music Departments, too.

At that time, I authored a single, peer reviewed scholarly article, which my VIU facilitator encouraged:

Spinoza, Deep Ecology, and Human Diversity — Schizophrenics and Others Who Could Heal the Earth If Society Realized Eco-Literacy.

At Pacific Audio Visual Institute, 2010, I received a trade diploma in audio engineering and music production.
I’ve spent 100s of hours in professional studios, 1000s of hours editing and mixing at home.

Listen to nerBeater-produced music in the genres of Hard Ambient / EDM / Trip Hop:
On YouTube MusicSpotifyApple MusicBandcamp, and elsewhere.

My busy desk with a lot of audio and computer equipment, as well as various artworks
My busy desk with a lot of audio and computer equipment, as well as various artworks

I am also a music software and audio production tutor.

You can visit my profile on:
TeachingMusic or LanguageTutors.

The subjects I can assist with:

-compose, edit, arrange, and mix, for audio and video projects
-home recording and studio setup
-synthesizers, MIDI, controllers, and automation
-signal flow, special FX, audio repair, and DAWs

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