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This app is designed to alert you of your battery level percentage with a voice, beep, and/or visual popup when your battery reaches the levels you specify. This way, you will potentially preserve long term battery health if you unplug your device instead of leaving it plugged in forever.

With the BattCall Alert, you’ll know when you’re ready to go!

You get to customize the alert. For example, you want no pop up, 8800 Hz beep, and a slow, low pitched readout of your battery percentage? No problem!

I assure you that this app does NOT collect or transmit any personal information.
All data is stored locally (variables like your custom settings).
No connection is ever needed to the internet except to install or update via the Play Store.
There are no invasive, unnecessary permissions.

Feedback or support: [email protected]
Special thanks to Tasker:

Minimum Requirements: This app is intended for Android 5.1+ and requires a package with a “say” module, such as Google TTS Text-To-Speech service, likely to be already installed. If your device can already talk to you, you can probably run this app.

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